How to select the perfect almond powder ?

There are two main reasons to use almond powders : for texture or flavour.  If you are looking mainly at texture. we recommend US almonds as they are very sweet (with no bitterness) and have a lower fat content than Mediterranean almonds. They will blend in perfectly with other ingredients and flavours.

For recipes requiring a stronger almond flavour, we suggest using Mediterranean almond with a stronger overall flavour versus American almonds. For instance, Sicilian almonds are known for their fruity, long lasting and delicate flavours, with a hint of bitterness.

  • We always select almonds from the latest harvest. We also prepare all of our almond powders on demand in order to guarantee optimal freshness. The almonds are grinded in a traditional millstone, to avoid overheating and alteration of the product. The powder is then sifted multiple times, including once by hand in order to ensure constant grain size.
    Three types of powders are available to answer most needs from pastry chefs : white powder, grey powder and “tant pour tant”.


  • White powder, made with blanched almond without their skin), is the most widely used.
  • Grey powder, made with whole almonds (with skin) have a strong flavour and a great texture.
  • Tant pour tant : Made with 50% almond powder and 50% sugar. We also offer a specific macaron powder with 64% icing sugar and 36% almon sugar from the USA and Spain.


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