Esprit Gourmand hazelnuts

Originally found in the temperate zones, hazelnut trees are grown in Turkey, Spain, France, Italy and North America.

They can differ from their country of origin but also between different varieties.

Esprit Gourmand select different types of hazelnuts.

Levant hazelnuts, from Turkey have a pleasant crunch and taste. They are primarily used in salted mixes.

Roman hazelnuts are covered by the PDO label (Protected Designation of Origin). With a refined flavour and a delicate skin, they are perfect caramelised or coated in chocolate.

Piedmont hazelnuts are the best on the market. They have a refined fruity flavour and they are noticeably crunchier than other hazelnuts. They benefit from a PGI label (protected geographical indication). They are particularly used in pastry, raw or transformed in pastes (100% nuts or pralinés pastes for instance).

We have recently developed a partnership with a local producer to source organic hazelnuts from France.


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