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Culinary & Pastry

The professional range has been created to offer the best quality raw materials in order to enhance chefs’ creations.

Unlike other suppliers, nuts and fruits have been selected by experts and the products are made to order for optimal freshness.

The large choice of varieties and origins enables the creation of the most refined pastries and unparalleled complexity of flavour.

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Our nut powders

We offer a full range of nut powders, with or without added sugar, created to suit different end-uses. We prepare all of our products to order to guarantee maximum freshness.

Nuts are grinded with traditional millstone to avoid overheating and alteration of the final product. The powder is the sifted multiple times, including once by hand, in order to ensure constant grain size.

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Our nut pastes

Our pastes are made with slightly roasted nuts (except the almond pastes) and come in two textures: smooth or grainy.

We have also launched a range of intense pastes made with a strong roast for deeper flavours and less sweetness.

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