Impeccable quality

Control over our raw material sourcing

Our never-ending quest for quality has earned us long-standing partnerships with nuts producers with whom we have collaborated over the years.

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Stringent and continuous quality control

Our quality, purchasing and production departments test organoleptic and micro biological qualities of our products throughout the production process (raw materials and finished goods). They work together to improve production and internal processes to offer ever higher quality and ever more creative products.

We also opted for biological control measures to preserve our stock rather than use chemical pesticides to eradicate moths in our production facility and storage area. We use trichogramma to kill moths’ eggs before they hatch.

Product freshness

Even before the processing stage, we have selected nuts and fruits from the latest harvest.

We produce and pack products to order. We do not keep finished goods in stock in order to guarantee optimal freshness.

The products are then sent so you receive products within days of their production.

Optimal packaging

Most of our products are vacuum sealed or sealed in protective atmosphere to guarantee 12 months shelf life.

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