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Founded in Marseille in 1922, Esprit Gourmand is a family-run business specialised in roasting and transforming nuts as well as preparing premium specialty food.

Listed in all French ā€œPalacesā€, nearly all 5 star hotels in France and in many hotels worldwide, Esprit Gourmand is a key player in the luxury hospitality industry.

Esprit Gourmand has close to 100 years of expertise in nuts, confectionery and high quality food trading. With more than 20 yearsā€™ experience in luxury hospitality, the company has developed expert market knowledge and strong relationship with Michelin star chefs and their teams.

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Our range

  • Bar

    From the classic salted almonds, to the original sesame wasabi cashew nuts or flavoured mixes, discover a large choice of original creations developed by our chefs to pair with cocktails at the bar. The best quality dried fruits and nuts, from the best origins, …

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  • Wellness and Spas

    A specific range has been developed to meet the specific needs for SPAS and wellness centers within the hospitality and tourism sector.

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  • Welcome products

    We offer a wide range of turndown and welcome products produced in our facility or selected from traditional French producers.

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  • Breakfast

    We offer a comprehensive and largely organic range of cereals, jams, honeys, nuts, seeds and dried fruits.Ā Our cereal range is completed with a delicious line of premium granolas, mueslis and classics (corn flakes, oats etcā€¦)…

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  • Minibar

    Upmarket products, exclusively available in luxury hotels, are meticulously hand packed in jars selected to suit minibar size restrictions. They are also vacuum sealed or packaged in protective atmosphere for an extended shelf life.

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  • Culinary & Pastry

    The professional range has been created to offer the best quality raw materials in order to enhance chefsā€™ creations.Ā Unlike other suppliers, nuts and fruits have been selected by experts and the products are made to order for optimal freshness…

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  • Airline and yachting catering

    Our offer specific light compact individual packaging to meet the needs and restrictions from the airlines and yachting industry.

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  • Personalisation service

    From specific packaging to product development, we deliver personalisation service to meet all needs.

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  • Product development service

    Our R&D team is dedicated to develop new recipes, improve existing processes and create specific products upon request.

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Our production workshop

Located in the south of France, between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, our production facility includesĀ  :

  • A raw materials storage area with a cool room and a cold chamber for the most delicate products.
  • A roasting and caramelising area. We recently expanded this section to include spacesĀ  for chocolate manufacturing and nuts processing as well as a breakfast area dedicated to preparing granola and jams
  • A packaging area for bulk products and a hand packaging area for minibar and welcome products
  • A shipping area

Esprit Gourmand E-shop changes name and becomes Maison Naja!

Find all your favourite products on our new E-shop and discover our fine food brand Maison Naja and its complete range of products.



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